10 fascinating things you didn’t know about Armenia

1. Ararat- Armenian Brandy

Can it be any more fascinating?! An absolute favourite with the likes of Winston Churchill & Agatha Christie, this is no ordinary brandy. Be sure to try it while in Armenia. It is also a great gift idea to bring back for friends and family.

2. Mount Ararat- The National Monument of Armenia

Did you know that Mt. Ararat, the country’s pride and national symbol is not located in Armenia but in Eastern Turkey? Despite this fact, the symbol of Mt.Ararat is widely used and Armenians considers this mountain a savior for protecting the country from a strong earthquake.It is also believed that the biblical reference to Ararat where Noah’s Ark landed is indeed here. You can get stunning views of this mountain from Khor Virap Monastery.

Khor Virap Monastery Armenia

3. Gravity Reverse Phenomenon of Mt. Aragat

The mountain route of Mt.Aragat is home to one of the most fascinating legends. There is an upward slope along this route, where a car can climb on it own without even a driver. That’s not all! The stream along this route flows upwards defying the fundamentals of gravity. You can find various videos based on this phenomenon on the internet. 

Mt Aragat Armenia

4. Overthrew a Government with Peaceful Protests

Early 2018, unhappy with the corrupt ways of the ruling government, all Armenians got together to form peaceful protests all over the country and Armenians abroad protested in front on the embassies which lead to the resignation of all the ministers in question. 

TOPSHOT – Armenian opposition supporters demonstrate in downtown Yerevan on April 25, 2018. (Photo by KAREN MINASYAN / AFP) (Photo credit should read KAREN MINASYAN/AFP/Getty Images)

It is hard to believe that “peaceful” protests can bring such ripples, but we witnessed it firsthand and was amazed by the unity the Armenians showcased. Something that every country needs to learn from.

5. Garni- A greek pagan temple

Garni Temple

A greek temple, miles away from Athens, dedicated to the sun goddess Mythra. This temple still stands tall after years of disrepair and calamities. It’s construction follows the Pythagorean and Platonic theories and the magnificence of the structure speaks volumes of the people behind it.

6. Lake Sevan

Lake Sevan is one of the largest high-altitude fresh water lakes in the world. This lake has 30 rivers pouring into it and only 1 flowing out. Cooler and windier than other parts of Armenia, the best time to visit Lake Sevan is July & August. There are many hotels by the shore offering spectacular views of the lake. Book here

Lake Sevan Armenia

7. Christianity is the official religion.

One of the first nations in the world, Armenia adopted Christianity as early as 301 AD.

8. Storks on Poles

Yes, you heard it right. Its like stepping into a stork village. We were greeted by this strange site on the way to Mt. Aragat. Atop electricity poles that lines the street, you can find huge nests with storks sitting regally and watching you pass by. They migrate to Africa for winter and come back just in time for spring. Its a site to behold.

9. Mono Ethnic Country

Did you know that 97% of the people residing in Armenia are Armenians? Very few nations in the world remain mono ethnic these days.

10. Chess- The National sports of Armenia

Referred to as the chess capital of the world, Armenia intends to keep it that way with chess being a compulsory subject in schools.

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