We Love Zip-lining


I am not a daredevil, adrenaline-junkie type of person. I don’t even like roller coasters (I actually dislike them). Despite this, zip-lining has become our new favorite thing to do. When you zip-line, you are sitting in a harness, which is attached to a pulley on a wire, which you “zip” across using gravity to gain momentum (a simple way of explaining it). The very first time we went was in Mexico, and I didn’t really know what to expect.

I think what was more frightening than the actual zip-lining was the build up to it, having to climb up the rickety towers they had. Of course Brian volunteered for us to go first out of the group, so my fears didn’t have a chance to last very long. There were 3 lines, and they went from tower to tower, over the jungle canopy.

Listening to the demonstration – all geared-up, and scared!


See what I mean about the rickety tower?

After the first line, my fears were gone – it was SO much fun. It is fast, but not too fast. And high enough that you feel like you can see far in all directions, but not so high that your innate fear of heights kicks in. We were ready for the rest!

As soon as we returned home, we were still so excited that we went online and searched for different zip-lines around the world that we could possibly do – the highest, the longest, the fastest (maybe we were getting ahead of ourselves a bit!). When we went to Hawaii, we knew we had to go zip-lining again. It sounded all good until the day we were actually supposed to go. I got scared all over again. It sounds silly now, but I really didn’t even want to go and was secretly hoping they would cancel it due to high winds!

Zipping on Maui was a lot different than the first time we went. It was a much larger, higher, and faster course. We went with a company called Flyin’ Hawaiian – they have the self-proclaimed longest, highest and fastest course in all of Hawaii. The lines are up in the West Maui mountains, and you actually have to take a Polaris all the way up the mountain to get to the first line! What we also liked about this company was that they encourage sustainable tourism – every zip-line group they take up plants a native tree/flower on the mountain, or waters the existing plants that the previous groups have planted.

Going up…

Hoooly Heck. First line – you can barely see the platform on the other side, that white dot.

We made it across – check out that view! You can see all of Central Maui.

Let’s go again!

Zip-lining through the mountains in Maui was amazing. So much so, that we actually contemplated going again the next day! The views were breathtaking, and each line got longer and faster as we went. You can’t tell by looking at the pictures, but there were 40 mph winds while we were up there. We felt very safe both times we zip-lined. The two different companies each had their own safety protocols and procedures that were followed by each employee, and they took the time to explain to us what they were doing and why, which gave me confidence, even though I was about to fly over a huge canyon or over a jungle canopy at 60 mph. I cannot wait to go again! Anyone know of any good zip-lines in Europe?? ;)

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