Exploring the Unforgettable U.S. States


United States of America is a very diverse nation. Every state is like an individual country in itself. Of course, that makes it all the more exciting to explore this fascinating place. If you don’t know which states you should see first then here are some unforgettable U.S. destinations that simply must be experienced in person.


California is one of the most popular states for tourists in the U.S. It’s easy to see why, the moment you set foot here.  Though year around sunshine is one of it attractions, it’s the cities that really make this state unforgettable. You should start by exploring Los Angeles. Walk up the Hollywood Hills to see the city in all its glory (and visit the Griffith Observatory whilst you’re up there). Once you’re done, you should head to Venice Beach to see skaters by the boardwalk and other interesting characters at the market stalls. San Francisco is also an iconic city that you have to visit whilst in California. With its cable cars and utterly intriguing Alcatraz Island, there’s an abundance of things to see and do.


The state of Missouri is another unforgettable place that you need to explore if you want to have an incredible traveling experience in the United States. You should start by admiring the beautiful Gateway Arch in the city of St. Louis because this iconic structure is pretty incredible to see in person. Of course, it’s the city of Branson that really draws tourists to the state of Missouri. For all those wine lovers, Mount Pleasant Winery and Curling Vine Winery are both worth visiting. You should also visit the Silver Dollar City theme park for a day of fun. If you’re staying in Branson then you might want to choose accommodation such as Marriott’s Willow Ridge Lodge. You should really embrace the natural beauty of this state if you want to experience it properly.

New York

The state of New York is one of the most unforgettable places that you could possibly visit in the United States. Lets start by talking about all the amazing things to do in this sprawling megacity. It’s the largest metropolitan area in the world, so you’ll probably need a little guidance to figure out where you should go and what you should do first. You’ll probably want to go up the Empire State Building and see this vast city from the dizzying height of an iconic structure. After that, you should visit the equally-iconic Central Park. There’s something beautifully bizarre about a slice of natural paradise in the midst of an urban jungle. Make sure you catch at least one incredible Broadway theater production if you can. It’s a life-changing experience.

Of course, there’s more to the state of New York than NYC (though, this city is obviously a major selling point of the state). You should visit the city of Buffalo for a slightly less overwhelming experience than the chaos of New York City. Canalside, which was formerly the Erie Canal Harbor, has become a very popular destination for travelers. It’s definitely worth the visit. Given high amounts of Polish migration, Polish culture has massively influenced the city. The annual Easter Monday celebration often leads to lots of delicious food and exciting festivals. You might want to consider visiting the city during that time of year for a fun experience.


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