72 Hours in Jordan



The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a peaceful & welcoming country. Keeping in mind the current happenings, this country is extremely safe and tourist friendly.


Royal Jordanian, Qantas, Emirates, Fly Dubai & Air Arabia offer frequent flights to the capital city of Amman and you can get a good deal on Skyscanner. The peak tourist season here is from March until May.We travelled in the month of August which is seriously an “OFF” season hence the perks of cheap travels, cheap hotels and the likes.

Visa is on arrival for most nationalities and the procedure takes hardly 5 minutes, costs around $55 per person. It is always better to make hotel reservations ahead of time and sites like Booking.com & hotels.com can come to your rescue here.


The ideal way to see the city is by renting a car. Find good rentals on Izzirent & Kayak.

Network provider Umniah has a counter at the airport and you can purchase a Sim Card with 10 GB data & free national/international minutes for $20.


For those like me who thought Jordan is going to be as hot in summer as in the rest of the Middle East, you are seriously mistaken. The climate was in fact pleasant (30-35C), with absolutely no humidity and a chilly breeze at night.






To understand the magnificence of Petra, you need to know that this once prosperous city was built from nothing, in the most harshest climates on earth. Built at the intersection of two prominent trade routes, another mind boggling fact about Petra was its dexterity to harness its meagre rainfall to ensure fresh water supply all year round.

The main monument, which is the Treasury (Khazneh) is located 3-4 Kms from the entrance. You can either hike or take a carriage through the winding lanes among the most fascinating structures and carvings.

Cost(Petra by Day)-$70 per person, tickets can be bought at the counter.

Cost (Petra by Night)- $50 per person, tickets can be bought at the counter/ Viator.

We stayed at the Movenpick Resort Petra, just a minute away and the most convenient stay while visiting Petra

Travel Tips:

▪Best time to visit Petra is from sunrise until 11 AM when the sun falls on the face of the treasury, making it the perfect time for photographs.

▪The area is quite dusty and dry so do carry plenty of water.

▪Try not to hike the off beat trails alone as you will not find anyone nearby in case of any emergency.



Two hours away from Petra, the coastal road that leads to Dead Sea is scenic with breath taking views. The sparkling blue colour of the water matches that of the sky so seamlessly that the horizon is just a blur.

Terrace, Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea

One of the must do’s at the Dead Sea is to float effortlessly in its water and also cover your entire body with its mud pack. The mud pack is known to cure skin & muscle ailments and brings inner calmness & tranquility.

We stayed at the Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea, A gorgeous hotel with amazing views.

Travel Tips:

▪Photographic possibilities are best explored in the mornings.

▪Most of the hotels restrict entrance to the sea after sunset.

▪There is no street lights on the routes to Dead Sea and night driving can be a challenge.


20 minutes away from the Dead Sea Resorts area is the historic baptism site. As it is closest to its bordering country Israel and heavily militarised, you need to take a compulsory tour guide with you. A mini bus picks up visitors every half hour from the ticketing office to the site and back.

This is the only place in Jordan where we really felt the summer heat, considering its down south and well below sea level. The tour is quite informative, goose bump raising in fact to stand at the very spot where history is believed to have been made.

To those unfamiliar with the story, John the baptist was believed to be a messenger of God, spreading spiritual awareness among the people. He urged people to turn away from sins, repent and get baptised, an act symbolising the cleansing of past sins. Jesus is said to have met John the baptist at this very spot and urged to be baptised as well. Soon after Jesus was baptised, story has it that the heavens opened up and a dove descended upon them and a voice from above declared Jesus as the son of God.

Cost: $17 per person. Tickets can be purchased at the counter



The lost city of Jerash is towards the north of Jordan and is 3 hours away from the dead sea.

During the 3rd century, this city was under the Greek rule and was called Gerasa. By 63 BC, it came under the Roman rule and later was reborn as a Christian city in the Byzantine era and has been invaded numerous times ever since. But the fact remains that the city managed to outlive all the attacks including natural disasters and is beautifully preserved.

As soon as you enter, you can see the Hippodrome where chariot races and other sporting events were believed to be held. If you sit still for a moment, you can almost here the cheering mingled with the sounds of hooves, feel the frenzy this place has witnessed. Places of worship like the Temple of Zeus, churches, mosques depicting the influences of various invasions are preserved here.

Positioned on the spice and incense trade route, the corinthian columns, the market places, the architecture, the fountains all screams out the abundance and prosperity this city has seen in its lifetime.

Cost: $14 per person


▪There is quite a bit of walk involved, so a comfortable pair of shoes is a must.

▪Tour guides will be found at every corner and may throw at you random facts about the city. If you stop and listen, they will ask you for a tip.

Jordan has the perfect mix of history and luxury. A perfect holiday mix!


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