Travel Photography Pointers

Photography Pointers

If you do a lot of traveling, chances are you take a lot of photographs too. If you want to make money with your travel snaps, here are a few photography pointers that will ensure that you take great photos and have an easy time of it while you’re doing so:

Travel Light

Some professional photographers will tell you that you need to pack everything but the kitchen sink to ensure that your travel photos look amazing, but it’s far more practical to pack light and as long as you bring along a high-quality camera, plenty of memory cards, a portable mini-tripod, a portable flash and your favorite few lenses, you should be absolutely fine and perfectly able to capture the sights with ease.

Pack the Perfect Lenses

Photography Pointers

When you travel, you’ll have a lot of genres to choose from, from portraits of the locals to big sweeping vistas, so you’re ideally going to want to pack a range of lenses that will work for any situation, However, if you can only afford to bring along one, a fast zoom 18-2000m should suffice. If you have a bigger budget/baggage allowance, a telephoto lens and portrait prime lens would also be welcome additions.

Raw Mode is best

Shooting in raw mode allows for the most flexibility when it comes to uploading your photos and making them look better. Just make sure you have lots of memory cards to store them on.

Visit the Local Tourist Information Center

Photography Pointers

Local tourist information centres are the best places to find interesting things to photograph because they have lots of information on all of the beauty spots and points of interest in the area. Hit them up when you land and you will never have to worry about finding great things to shoot. If you’re planning on making money from your photos, shooting the kind of locations that lots of people are likely to be interested in and search for is also important, so bear that in mind when scouting for locations too. Of course, you’re sure to have lots of interesting things catch your eye as you walk around anyway.

Always Ask Before Taking Portraits

In some places, it is considered to be forbidden to capture people’s images on the camera, and it’s pretty rude in any case if we’re honest. So, if you see a real character who you’d love to take a few snaps of, please do ask first – yes you might need to learn a little of the language before heading off. You’ll probably find that most people will be more than happy to help, and they’ll be far more accommodating, enabling you to get some really good photos out of the session, too.

Be Original

Photography Pointers

If you want your photos to get noticed and sell well, you need to think outside the box. Yes, you may want to take a shot of the Eiffel Tower, and that is fine, but try to do it in a way that hasn’t been done a million times before. Take the standard shot then experiment with different angles, exposures, movement and whatever else you can think of to make your photos better than the rest.

Most importantly of all, have fun!

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