Top 10 Fun Things To Do In Georgia

Georgia (Country) is a relatively new entrant in the tourism market. Up until recently, this country was less explored and limited to the curious and adventurous few, but now the country has transformed into a tourist hub with huge amounts of tourists trickling in from all over the world, specially from the Middle East. 

Here is our countdown of the top 10 fun things to do in Georgia. The below places are listed solely because it is worth a visit, not because of its popularity.

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Narikala Fortress

Fun Thing #10.Take a stroll through the town of Tbilisi

 Like other European towns, Tbilisi is characterised by its narrow cobble stoned pathways, quaint little cafe’s, loud bars and street artists. While in towns like these, walking is one of the most fun things to do. This town is best explored on foot and offers many attractions like the Old Town, Funicular, Freedom Square, Bridge of Peace, Sulphur baths, Narikala Fortress and the Mamadaviti Church to name a few. Ensure you spend at least 2 days in this spirited city.

Fun Thing #9.Visit the wine cellars of Kakheti

When one of the fun things to do in Georgia revolves around wine, this country has already topped our favorites list. Georgia is one of the oldest wine regions in the world and hence wine tour is a must. Kakheti produces some of the best wines in the region and there are many vineyards that offer tours. The popular vineyard in the area is that of Winery Khareba. Be sure to try the Kindzmarauli wine, a locals well as our favourite.

Hotel Twins Wine Cellar

Fun Thing #8. Trek to the Gergeti Trinity Church, Kazbegi

This is a fun thing for hikers.This church is at an elevation of 2170 m, under the glorious Mount Kazbegi and it takes about 3-4 hours to hike to the top.The views at the top are the most rewarding. The beauty of this church cannot be limited to words and needs to be experienced. 

Not a hiker? You can hire an old fashioned Russian cab and have a fun bumpy ride to the top!

Fun Thing #7. Hike in Khevsureti Region

Do you want to get lost in nature? If so, the sparsely populated Khevsureti, bordering the former Chechnya(Russia) is highly recommended. In case you are a first timer at this, you need not worry as this is deemed as one of the easiest hike routes. This 7km hike promises offbeat routes far away from the touristy bustle and spectacular sights all the way.

Definitely a fun thing to do in Georgia for those adventurous souls.

Fun Thing #6. Camp in Juta Village, Kazbegi

At an altitude of 2250 m, this village is considered one of the highest settlements and offers fantastic views of the snow capped mountain ranges and the river Bakurkhevi. Camp overnight at the Zeta Camping here.

This country is a true heaven for nature lovers.


Fun Thing #5. White water rafting on Aragvi River

River rafting season starts when the weather is warm enough to melt the snow and boost the water levels. Typically the season starts from mid April and continues till the month of October. You can choose from the various options depending on the difficulty level/grade. Rafting on Aragvi falls under the 2-3 level. Ensure that you book with a renowned tour company.

River rafting is highly rated as one of the fun things to do in Georgia.

Fun Thing #4. Paragliding in Gudauri

Paragliding anywhere is a fun thing to do, add the stunning landscapes of Georgia into this equation, and you have a clear winner.It will definitely leave you awestruck.Though weather dependant, paragliding is offered year round and lasts about 60 minutes.

Fun Thing #3. Explore the coastal town of Batumi

An 8 hour drive from the capital city, Batumi  is a seaside city by the Black Sea coast not as frequented by tourists as the capital city. This is also the gambling haven of Georgia. The main attractions here include a cruise along the Black Sea, Batumi Boulevard and the exciting night life.

Riding along the Black Sea

Fun Thing #2. Learn how to Ski on the slopes of Gudauri

Skiing here is considered more affordable as compared to Europe, hence its popularity. Winter in Georgia starts roughly around November and lasts till the month of March. Snow fall in the mountains vary year to year and it is best to check the webcams on the Gudauri website  for live updates. The slopes of Bukuriani & Mestia also attract many skiers. Surely one of the fun things to do in Georgia.

Fun Thing #1.  Indulge in the local delicacies of Georgia


Food is always #1 when you visit a new country! Georgian cuisine,though very unique, is a mix of European & Middle Eastern cuisines.Be sure to gorge on the many varieties of cheese filled breads called Khachapuri, meat stuffed dumplings called Kinkali, the sausage shaped candy called Churchkela and wash it all down with their fantastic selection of local wines.


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